Sesame oil and clam chicken pot | 麻油蛤蜊雞

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In the pack:

1包湯底 1包麻油雞肉料包 1包薑蒜醬油膏 1包特製豆瓣腐乳醬

1 chicken and claim pack. 1.2L soup base. 1 pack spicy bean curd dipping sauce. 1 pack ginger garlic soy dipping sauce.

Approx 2kg ±10%in total | Suit for 2-3ppl


Chicken legs, shiitake mushrooms, seasame oil, Tasmanian diamond clams, garlic, goji berries, rice wine, Shaoxing wine,ginger garlic soy dipping sauce

雞腿, 麻油, 香菇, 蒜頭. 塔斯馬尼亞鑽石蛤蜊, 蒜頭, 枸杞, 米酒, 紹興酒, 鹽.特製蒜蓉醬,特製豆瓣醬


contain Soybeans, wheat , alcohol, seasame seeds

可能含有大豆、麩質、酒精、芝麻 產品

Reheat instructions:

Allow all the pack deforst (not forzen) before cooking. put the meat pack and the soup pack in the pot and bring up to boil (adjust with some water while cooking). According to personal preference you can add the cabbage, tofu, hot pot ingredients and eat together. Add the rice wine pack at the end to make your soup flavorful Enjoy the meat dipping with spicy bean curd dipping sauce & ginger garlic soy dipping sauce.

烹飪前讓所有包裝先解凍。 將肉料包和湯底包打開一起放入鍋中煮滾(煮的時候加點水調一下濃淡)。 可依個人喜好加入白菜、豆腐、米酒、火鍋食材一起吃。 使用附上的辣豆腐沾醬和薑蒜醬油沾醬搭配肉一起吃風味更佳。


fridge 4c for 5 days. Freezer -18c for 6 month

建議冷藏 4C 五日,冷凍 -18C 六個月。


Dishes information:

用黑麻油炒雞肉再加薑母米酒燉煮,香濃的麻油融入湯中, 食後精神振昂,有助血液循環

Stir-fried chicken meat with black sesame oil and stewed with rice wine, refreshed after eating

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Soooo nice and hearty

I added chokos into this soup and some noodles. Just so satisfying and moorish