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Ommi's Food & Catering

10 Carlton Cres,
Summer Hill,
NSW, 2130

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Staying warm with Ommi's

Hot Pot Soup Base | 火鍋湯底 燉湯系列

"I love how he's captured the original flavour of his Taiwanese heritage" - Chef Matt Moran

Stay comfy and enjoy the best food

Ommi's is an Asian fusion food brand that serves authentic hand crafted meals for the enjoyment at the comfort of one's home. The meals are fuelled by a passionate and creative team of chefs whose values to create products that arereflect the authenticity of their Asian roots combined experience heading upfine dining restaurant experience.   We are serving you real and high quality restaurant creations delivered straight to your home.  We use natural ingredients to make the products convenient and eat anytime.  Save your time and stress on cooking.

About Ommi's

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SBS中文專訪 : 家鄉、美食 | 台灣羊肉爐

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