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Red Chilli Kimchi | 香辣泡菜

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Cabbage, Salt, Radish, Garlic, Ginger, Vinegar, Sugar, Chilli, Apple

In the pack:

350g chili kimchi


ALLERGEN ADVICE: Contain sesame and soy product

Our mouth-watering red Kimchi is uniquely made using our special fermentation method with fresh apple and diakon recipe to process the wombok  cabbage for 3 days, this process helps to combine all the crisp, fruity, spicy flavour together. This technique gives it its unique bright red colour while keeping it crisp and fresh. This is a chef crafted Superfood that has been scientifically tested by the lab to be considered a safer and more germ-free compared to other Market Kimchi/sauerkrauts currently on the market.

We only use the best vegetables Australia has to offer for our Golden Kimchi and sourcing sustainability directly from farms we aim to reduce food waste in creating a superfood product which has longer term shelf life for home consumption.

Our Red Kimchi is spicy with mild taste and it’s perfect for all who loves kimchi without being overpowered by the chilli like other kimchi out there. And it’s completely vegan. 


令人垂涎的Ommis 香辣泡菜, 口味上不同於一般韓式泡菜酸辣嗆鼻, 我們用蘋果及蘿蔔來醃漬白菜, 再經過3天的發酵過程, 白菜清脆且富果香, 中和了香辛料及辣椒的辛辣刺激感, 是不敢吃辣也能接受的爽口滋味。

我們堅持使用澳洲本地蔬果作為我們的原物料,  不加味精及人工香料, 我們的手工泡菜也持續送到檢驗機構檢查, 比市面上的同類型產品更安全健康, 新鮮經得起考驗, 是絕對值得你一嚐的台灣風味小菜。