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Handmade QQ Noodle with Braised Pork Belly Ragu| 香Q乾麵

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Ingredient :

豬五花, 紅蔥頭, 蒜頭, 蔥, 薑, 醬油, 冰糖, 八角, 五香粉, 可樂, 花生醬, 手工Q彈麵

Pork belly, shallot, garlic, green onion, ginger, soy sauce, sugar, star anise, five-spice powder, cola, PEANUT BUTTER, handmade noodle

In the pack:

100g 手切古早味滷肉
160g 手工Q彈麵 ( 快煮3分鐘)

100g Braised pork belly ragu
160g Handmade QQ noodle

Dietaries : DF

Allergen advice : Contain PEANUT soybean, wheat product.


古早味經典手切滷肉搭上香Q彈力十足的手工麵! 一碗經典的香Q乾麵在家也可以隨時品嘗!!