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Ommi's shopping process | Ommi's的購物流程及正確的收貨日查找,圖文好讀版

Ommi's shopping process | Ommi's的購物流程及正確的收貨日查找,圖文好讀版

The Ommi's shopping process and finding the correct day of delivery, in a good readable graphic version :)

Ommi's的購物流程及正確的收貨日查找,圖文好讀版 :)


Ommi's shopping process


Step 1/ 步驟一

Add on all your products into cart


Step 2/ 步驟二 

You will see the policy below shipping button, please pay attention and read it before select a day and secure checkout.



Step3 / 步驟三

select a day when you are available to receiving your parcel, dispatch of Tuesday and Friday only valid with Sydney Metro Area, delineated by Ommi's. Other place pleas check the policy.




Step4 / 步驟四

After select a day, please place the SECURE CHECKOUT button to pay. Now, just wait for your parcel, and enjoy it.



how to search the correct dispatch day and free delivery rate?


You will see the gray color banner on the top of index, please tap it in. 



Step1 / 步驟一

Please type in your postcode in the bar, then CHECK.



Step 2 / 步驟二

It is the result after your checked. All the place are following the ARRIVAL DAY FROM DISPATCH to receive the parcel.



Please Pay attention for our Disclaimers


Due to the uncertainties of COVID and social current affairs, we can only estimate the arrival time, and there is a chance that the arrival time will change, so Ommi's cannot guarantee that the order will be delivered within the specified time. Please be aware the message from our couriers.

We send our orders with frozen couriers with 'Authority to leave' at the nominated  delivery address. If no one is there to take delivery. Neither Ommis Food and Co or our courier  companies will be liable for damaged or stolen goods.

由於疫情和社會時事不確定因素, 所有的到貨時間我們只能預估, 並且會有一定的機率變動到貨的時間, 所以Ommi's無法保證能在指定時間內交貨, 如果因此造成產品損失影響, Ommi’s Food & Catering 及 貨運公司將不保有責任

我們的貨運以“Authority to leave”的協議快遞發送到指定的送貨地址。如果沒有人來收貨如果沒有人可以接收訂單, 您的訂單商品將留在指定的交付地址, 司機會盡可能地放在陰暗且安全的角落. 但 Ommi’s Food & Catering 及 貨運公司對產品的損壞或被盜不保有責任.