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Ommi's Christmas Menu -Mains- |聖誕大餐-主菜篇-

Ommi's Christmas Menu -Mains-  |聖誕大餐-主菜篇-

Perhaps the most anticipated meal of the year, Christmas feasts are only completed with an outstanding main dish. 

This year at Ommi's we are proud to present a wide selection of amazing main course dishes.



Introducing -

Ommi's X'Mas Roast Chicken | 聖誕烤雞

A Christmas classic, crispy on the outside, juicy, succulent and tender on the inside.A must-try Christmas treat for you and your family and friends, don’t miss out!



Chicken Fricassee Pie | 奶油蘑菇燉雞派 

A classic French dish made into a pie, a sweet sweet combination of butter, chicken, and mushrooms seared to perfection. This smooth and filling dish will leave you in awe!



Salmon Wellington With Herb Béchamel Sauce | 鮭魚威靈頓佐香料白醬

Tired of Beef Wellington? No Worries! Ommi's Salmon Wellington is a more healthy alternative! A milky and cheesy finish on the outer crust compliments the fluffy salmon perfectly, with a savoury creamy sauce and special blend of spices, don't miss out on this dish!


Lobster Seafood Pie | 英式龍蝦海鮮派

Beautiful flakey pastry baked until golden with a creamy, rich lobster filling. 



Beef Cheek Goulash Pie | 紅酒燉牛頰肉派

A delicious dish of stewed beef cheeks in red wine, a classic French dish, Ommi’s packs all flavours into pie and delivers an explosion of goodness



Smoked Wagyu Brisket | 爐燻多汁香料和牛腩

Wagyu rubbed with herbs and seasoning, smoked until it melts in your mouth, juicy, tender and full of flavours.



Slow Roasted Whole Lamb Shoulder | 慢烤軟嫩全羊肩

Another classic Christmas roast item, simmered in beef broth then slow roasted, you will not believe the complex layers of flavour this dish possesses.



Pork Prochetta Sliced | 香蔥脆皮豬五花捲

When fine dining meets innovation, this dish embodies the creative nature of Ommi's. This fusion cuisine brings out the Asian flavours from the crispy pork and shallots, a must try for adventurers!



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