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Ommi Don | 歐米丼

Ommi Don | 歐米丼

OMMI DON is established by a team of chefs with more than 10 years of experience in the world of fine dining. We provide convenient but high-quality, fresh, healthy, and creative Taiwanese meals on the go bento boxes which are affordable and suitable for modern, fast-paced lifestyles. Our menu is carefully crafted to include a wide variety of options, such as rice dishes, noodle dishes, fried food, salads, drinks, and more. Each item is prepared using local ingredients that are selected for their quality, taste, nutrition and health benefits. At OMMI DON, we blend traditional and modern elements to create a unique culinary experience that is both satisfying and memorable and located just in the convenient CBD area. 


❤️Black pepper tofu and veg don.


❤️Black pepper pork katsu steak don.


❤️Clockwise from top left: Wakame bean sprout salad, potato salad with soft egg, glazed mushroom and edamame and seasoned sweet corn.


❤️Three-cup chicken don.


➡️ Visit us at UniLodge Broadway, 7/185-211 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007


OMMI DON由一支擁有超過10年高級餐飲經驗的廚師團隊所創立。我們提供方便、但高品質、新鮮、健康且創意十足的台灣餐點,以便當盒的形式適應現代快節奏的生活方式,同時價格親民。我們的菜單精心設計,包含多種選擇,例如米飯料理、麵食料理、炸物、沙拉、飲料等等。每一項餐點都使用當地優質、美味、營養和具有健康益處的食材製作而成。在OMMI DON,我們融合傳統與現代元素,打造獨特的烹飪體驗,讓人既滿足又難忘。歡迎大家隨時可以來拜訪我們,我們的地址位於新南威爾斯州Ultimo區的UniLodge Broadway,地址為7/185-211 Broadway。