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New package of Ommi's Kimchi

New package of Ommi's Kimchi
Ommi's Kimchi is the best side dish for every meal, and can be made into delicious cuisines. The package of our kimchi has upgraded to glass jar, which is better for storing and upgrade the food safety level.
To celebrate Ommi's kimchi 2nd birthday, for every order over $100, you will receive a special gift from Ommi's -- one free golden kimchi!
This offer will end by dispatch day 30/08/2022.
Come and celebrate with us!
*Purchase of mooncake gift boxes is not included in this promotion
*We will automatically add the gift when packing, no need to add an order to the system
*This promotion is only available until 30/8/2022, the delivery date
*Not exchangeable for anniversary event
Ommi‘s 泡菜兩歲啦!泡菜不僅是很好的佐餐小菜,還能用來製作各種各樣美味的菜餚。 Ommi's的泡菜包裝全新升級為玻璃罐裝,質感升級,除了提升食品安全外,也會更加方便儲存。