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Lunar New Year Special Menu | 全新年菜系列

Lunar New Year Special Menu | 全新年菜系列

Lunar New year is the most important event of the year for Chinese cultures. LNY is all about getting together with families for a big feast to start the year. Gifts are a common way to show gratitude and appreciation for family members during gatherings.
Ommi's wish to enhance and deliver the best experience for customers who seeks a big yet delicious feast without worrying about preparing their own feasts with our LNY frozen product line. For those seeking a gift with traditional roots and meaning, our gift sets are aesthetically pleasing and rich in symbolistic blessings!

農曆新年是華人文化中最受重視的節日之一。 年夜飯是家人的團圓聚餐,這頓是年尾對一家人來説最重要的一頓晚餐。傳統文化中送禮是表達對家庭成員的感謝和讚賞的一種常見行為。 Ommi's希望通過我們的LNY冷凍產品系列,為那些尋求大餐但又不擔心自己準備的客戶提供最佳的體驗。 對於那些尋求具有傳統意義的禮物的人來說,我們的禮盒組既包裝精美又充滿象征性的祝福!

Lets walk you through our LNY Selection! 

來看看Ommi‘s 年菜冷凍包有啥好吃吧!


LNY Big Bowl Feast |無敵海陸空大盆菜

Ommi‘s網羅了天上地下水裡最好的產品,特選昆士蘭大白菜、青花菜鋪底,在使用特級大冬菇、香菇,農場新鮮杏鮑菇,香滷牛筋、牛肚、大豬腳,特選大鉗Mud crab、昆士蘭大號虎蝦、澳洲活鮑魚6顆、塔斯馬尼亞鑽石蛤蜊、Ommis特製醉雞卷1隻,煮製而成的大盆菜! 

We only use the best ingredients for Ommi’s Big Bowl Feast! Just in this bowl you’ll find fresh QLD cabbage, broccoli, 3 kinds of mushrooms, beef tendon, beef tripe, pork knuckles, mud crab, giant tiger prawns, 6 massive Aussie abalone, Tasmanian clams, Ommi’s signature drunken chicken. A perfect bowl for sharing!


Ommi's Buddha Jumps over the wall|海陸珍味佛跳牆

有別與其它的佛跳牆調理包,我們的湯頭和選材真材實料,師傅使用十幾種食材新鮮燉煮整整兩天的濃郁湯頭, 天然甘甜無添加! 選用澳洲新鮮活體大鮑魚和許多精選食材燉煮入味! 精粹而出高湯精華,經過了繁雜工序將多樣食材完美融合在一起,嚐起來濃郁甘甜,回味無窮。佛跳牆有『福壽全都來』的吉祥之意,過年時必吃佛跳牆,品嚐充滿濃濃台味的海陸珍味佛跳牆,鴻兔迎春好幸福!

This dish is so nice that Buddhas will jump over walls just to get a taste! The wacky name lives up to its reputation with Ommi’s recipe of all-natural ingredients and flavors! The soup is boiled with 10+ fresh ingredients over two days to bring out the natural sweetness and umami of vegetables. A must have on the New Year's dinner table!


Lion's Head meat ball in Brown Sauce|鴻運當頭獅子頭


Lion’s head meatballs are a staple in Chinese New Year feasts. These giant braised meatballs resemble the head of a Chinese guardian lion. Tightly packed with minced pork, tofu and cabbage, this ball of goodness is a must-eat!


Braised pork hock, bamboo shoot, preserved mustard cabbage| 梅干筍香金蹄膀


Is there a more iconic CNY dish than braised pork hock? Chewy skin, juicy meat paired with the goodness of bamboo shoots and mustard cabbage brings a whole different layer of flavor to this already amazing dish.


Taiwanese Sticky Rice with Eel|鴻運蒲燒鰻魚飯

將蝦米小火以麻油乾煸至金黃色,再加上手切五花肉、薑,、香菇熬製成香噴噴的肉醬。香Q糯米淋上Ommi's特製肉醬,這就是最完美的古早味油飯!這份散發濃郁香氣的台灣油飯,一秒帶你飛回到故鄉。 鋪上碳烤過後的鮮美蒲燒鰻, 絕對是你最棒的辦桌年菜選擇!!吃黏黏過好年~

A classic dish perfect for gatherings or personal enjoyment, made with fresh ingredients and a lot of love. Sesame oil brings out all the hidden flavors of shiitake mushrooms and shrimp, topped with char grilled japanese-styled eels. A wonderful choice for CNY!


Shaoxing drunken chicken and prawn|醇香紹興醉海陸

使用整片去骨雞腿肉低溫烹製和原產自QLD的新鮮虎蝦,燙熟冰鎮後再浸泡獨門三種酒醉雞滷汁一個晚上, 酒香十足, 雞肉和蝦肉鮮嫩多汁,回味無窮。

 A traditional delicacy where boneless chicken Maryland and fresh prawns delivered from Queensland is cooked and marinated in ShaoXing wine and other Chinese herbs overnight. The authentic and rich flavors will leave anyone in awe!