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Lunar New Year Gift Set|Ommi‘s富貴高升好運萊禮盒組

Lunar New Year Gift Set|Ommi‘s富貴高升好運萊禮盒組

Besides Frozen packs we've also got Gift Sets Perfect for your loved ones! 



Azuki Mochi Rice Cake|蜜紅豆福氣年糕


machi rice cake is especially enjoyed during Chinese New Year, it symbolizes family cohesiveness. Also, sticky rice cake is called "nian gao," in Chinese, which symbolizes increasing prosperity every year. Ommi's Azuki Mochi Rice Cake is chewy texture with flavours of brown sugar and beans are very attractive to those people who are fond of steamed desserts.

Hakka Style Savoury Rice Cake|客家鹹粄發財年糕


The pronunciation of nian gao sounds like " year high" (年高), which symbolises a high income, a high position, the growth of children, and generally the promise of a better year in Chinese minds. Therefore, it is considered good luck to eat it nian gao during the Chinese New Tear period.

24k Gold Ommi's Pineapple Cake|24K金 金旺來土鳳梨酥


Ommi's Pineapple Cake contains housemade sweet and tangy Taiwanese pineappe paste with 24K real gold coating. Wish you eat well and become wealthy.