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How to order your Dragon LNY REUNION Feast | 如何預定龍年團圓大年菜

How to order your Dragon LNY REUNION Feast | 如何預定龍年團圓大年菜

STEP 1. Select Your Service 



    二月8-11日期間,Ommi's 團隊將當天為您現做年菜並為您外送到家(也可以到店自取)現做年菜請透過年菜外燴預訂平台訂購。更多詳情請見以下說明。

    Fresh daily cook and delivery on 8-11 February, order through from our Catering Order System For more information please check below.


Rule of pre order Fresh Christmas Feast and delivery on day |


Delivery Area | 配送地區

  • Sydney Metro area

Delivery Date | 配送日期

  • 小年夜 THU 08 FEBRUARY
  • 除夕夜 FRI 09 FEBRUARY
  • 新年夜 SAT 10 FEBRUARY
  • 初二夜 SUN 11 FEBRUARY

 Delivery Time | 配送時間

  • Delivery arrival Between 2PM to 5PM | 當日將在下午2點至5點間送達

Pick Up Order | 關於自取

  • 8-11 February 2024, 16:00-18:00 at Ommi's Shop 
  • Address: 10 Carlton Cres, Summer Hill NSW 2130


About Food Temperature | 關於當日送達食物溫度


Fresh and can be eat, but can not guarantee the temperature what is you need, have to warm it up if you have temperature expectations, Ommi's promise that fresh food temperature all meet the FOOD SAFETY Permission.



Now, we can start to tell you how to make pre order on different system for fresh and on day delivery Rabbit LNY REUNION Feast!
for example picture from  Christmas feast, 以聖誕大餐版面為例,操作都是一樣的
Step 1

Please watch our rules again and carefully, and start to place your order!
Step 2
Please select PICK UP or DELIVERY. For PICK UP whether you pick which store, there only have one store which is OMMIS SHOP can be select and press button to continue. For DELIVERY, please fill up your details and press button to continue.
Step 3
進入菜單頁面後,您可以透過圖上所圈起來的 CHANGE 按紐來更改日期。
Your can change your delivery date where is Ommi's mention on picture.
Step 4
Select your prefer date and press change button.
Step 5
After select all your items, you can see your cart at the up and right conner on the page, press it and checkout!
Step 6
 The last chance you can change your delivery date and leave a request message for a courier before checkout. Press checkout button and follow step to finish your payment!

A rule for Pre-Order Frozen Pack of Rabbit LNY REUNION Feast | 關於預定冷凍版的兔年團圓大年菜

Area | 配送地區

  • Areas other than those mentioned above (Australia Wide)|上述地區以外,全澳冷凍配送

About Delivery | 關於配送

same rule as our normal items, we sent the items every Monday to our courier company, they will dispatch the item for you, please check you postcode on our website.



Attention | 注意
You must to count when will you receive the parcel before check out order, Ommi's can not guarantee you will receive yourRabbit LNY REUNION Feast before your Christmas party, if you count the date wrong. All the food are FROZEN food, you have to warm it up by yourself. If you have any consent or question want to ask Ommi's, feel free to sent Email or Call for Ommi's.