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Exploring Taiwan's Culinary Treasures: Ommi's Top 3 Street Food and More!

Exploring Taiwan's Culinary Treasures: Ommi's Top 3 Street Food and More!

Exploring Taiwan's Culinary Treasures: Ommi's Street Food and More!

🌟Ommi's Taiwanese Street Food Top 3 🌟

When it comes to savoring the vibrant flavors of Taiwan's street food, Ommi's Food & Catering is your passport to an authentic culinary journey. Our Top 3 street eats are a testament to the rich and diverse world of Taiwanese flavors.

論及品味台灣豐富街頭美食風味,Ommi's Food & Catering 我們的前三名街頭小吃代表了台灣風味的多元豐富!

- Crispy Fried Chicken 台式香香雞: The iconic Taiwanese street food, featuring tender chicken with a tantalizing crunch.
- Classic Garlic Taiwanese Sausage蒜香熟香腸: A savory delight infused with the aromatic allure of garlic.
- Braised Pork Belly Ragu Rice 古早味滷肉飯: An irresistible comfort food that marries tender pork belly with fragrant rice.

These classics are more than just meals; they're a taste of Taiwan's heart and soul. Join us in this culinary adventure!

🌟Ommi's Taiwanese Drinks — Classic Flavors, Fresh New Look!🌟

Get ready to relish Taiwan's beloved beverages with a delightful twist. Ommi's has given its classic Taiwanese drinks a fresh makeover. Our new packaging promises the same iconic taste but with an added touch of modern flair. Indulge in the familiar yet refreshed flavors of

準備好品味台灣心愛飲品,帶來令人愉悅的新風貌。Ommi's 為經典台灣飲品帶來了全新的改頭換面。我們的新包裝保證保留了經典口味,同時加入了現代時尚的元素。沉浸在熟悉而焕然一新的風味中

- Fresh Frozen Lemon Tea 凍檸茶: The perfect blend of robust tea and zesty fresh lemons.

- Winter Melon Lemon Ai Yu 檸檬愛玉: A delightful mix of cooling winter melon, sweet and sour lemons, and refreshing ai yu jelly.

- Grass Jelly Sweetened Iced Tea 仙草甘茶: A beloved classic with rich grass jelly and deep, sweetened tea.

Quench your thirst with the timeless taste of Taiwan, now in a stylish new avatar!

🌟Ommi Don: A Finalist in the Good Food Guide's "Critics' Pick of the Year"🌟

Ommi Don is absolutely thrilled to be recognized as a finalist in the prestigious Good Food Guide's "Critics' Pick of the Year" category! This esteemed acknowledgment reflects our unwavering dedication to delivering the finest Taiwanese cuisine. Our heartfelt thanks go out to our incredible #OmmiDon Team, whose tireless efforts and passion have brought this achievement to life.

Ommi Don 非常高興能夠入選备受尊崇的 Good Food Guide "年度评论家之选" 奖项!這一受赞誉的认可反映了我們提供最優質台灣烹飪的堅定承諾。我們由衷感謝我們不可思議的 #OmmiDon 團隊,他們的不懈努力和熱情將這一成就帶入了現實。

Join us in celebrating this incredible milestone as we continue to bring Taiwan's culinary excellence to your plate.