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2023 Ommi's Christmas Feast

2023 Ommi's Christmas Feast

This Christmas, we're delighted to present a feast that goes beyond delicious – it's a celebration of joy, togetherness, and unforgettable flavours. 

Let's take a look what's in the menu!


Start up & Sides |前菜

🍜Soba Noodle Salad, Fried Fish Belly, Zucchini, Fish Roe | 和風鮭魚蕎麥麵沙拉
Refreshing soba noodles with Japanese kombu sauce, Ommi's chili oil, zucchini, and salmon roe create a perfect harmony.

🌊Sydney Rock Oyster, Yuzu Caviar, Wakame | 生蠔, 昆布, 柚子
Indulge in Sydney Rock Oysters with lemon, ponzu wakame, and caviar. Silky texture and rich flavor in every bite.

🥗Grilled Caesar Salad with Boneless Fried Chicken | 無骨炸雞凱薩沙拉
Classic Caesar Salad meets Ommi's boneless chicken, offering a delectable flavor.

🍤Whole Cooked Tiger Prawns, Cocktail Sauce | 冰鎮熟虎蝦, 特製千島沙拉醬
Quickly boiled tiger prawns, chilled, and dipped in cocktail sauce for a mouthwatering Prawn Cocktail.

🥔Golden Kimchi and Potato Salad with Fried Tofu | 黃金泡菜烤馬鈴薯沙拉
Beat the heat with Golden Kimchi and Potato Salad featuring crispy tofu cubes.

🍞House-made Sourdough, Miso Butter | 手作酸種麵包, 味增昆布奶油
Savor tangy sourdough with Ommi's miso butter. A health-conscious and delicious choice.


Mains | 主餐

🍗 Xmas Roast Chicken | 聖誕烤雞服蔓越莓醬及松露烤肉汁
Crispy and juicy Christmas roast chicken is a must-try Christmas treat for you and your family and friends, don’t miss out!

🐟 Salmon Wellington | 鮭魚威靈頓佐香料奶油醬
A creamy, cheesy blend of spices and salmon aromas! Eat with a savoury creamy sauce, this is a dish you must have for your Christmas table!
🦞 Lobster Seafood Pie | 英式龍蝦海鮮派
Ommi's heartfelt seafood pie features a filling of five types of seafood chunks and a homemade creamy white sauce with aromatic spices. Every bite is a rich combination of seafood, complemented by the creamy and delicate mashed potatoes, making it a timeless Christmas delicacy with an abundance of sea flavours.
🐖 Pork Porchetta | 香蔥脆皮豬五花捲附松露烤肉汁
Indulge in savoruy delight with our Pork Porchetta, perfectly roasted to crispy perfection and served with a luxurious truffle gravy that adds an exquisite touch of earthy richness to this Italian classic. It's a culinary experience you won't want to miss.
🥧 Beef Rib Finger Goulash Pie | 紅酒燉牛肋條肉派
We selected premium wagyu beef ribs to enhance the meaty texture. The slow-cooking process with tangy red wine blends perfectly with other ingredients. The top crust is golden-brown and crispy, an essential complement to this braised beef pie. Every bite warms the heart, body, and soul.
🍖 Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder | 慢烤軟嫩全羊肩佐香料綠蓉醬

Savor the perfection of our Slow Roasted Whole Lamb Shoulder with Green Salsa. Tender, juicy lamb with a zesty salsa that tantalizes your taste buds. An unforgettable dining experience.


Christmas Ham | 聖誕火腿

An essential dish for the Australian Christmas - ham, Ommi’s is slowly roasted over a high heat and brushed with layers of maple syrup to leave you with a taste in your mouth.


Christmas Sweets | 聖誕甜品

Ommi's Christmas Tiramisu (Original/Matcha) | 聖誕提拉米蘇 (經典可可/抹茶)
Celebrate with Ommi's Tiramisu duo! Christmas Matcha combines matcha cake and cream cheese, while Christmas Classic Cocoa offers a decadent chocolate delight. Elevate your holidays with these adorned treats!

Ommi's Christmas Pudding with Vanilla anglaise | 經典聖誕布丁左香草卡士達
Filled with rich dried fruits and perfectly balanced ginger and cinnamon, Christmas pudding made with smooth vanilla custard sauce is undoubtedly the tastiest Christmas pudding you've ever had!

Ommi's Christmas Crème Brûlée | 聖誕焦糖布蕾
A beloved classic, crème brûlée, which everyone adores, is being specially presented by Ommi's this Christmas! Rich and smooth custard, topped with homemade caramel sauce, for an unforgettable taste!

Christmas Marshmallow Pops | 聖誕棉花棒棒糖
Christmas marshmallow pop hide festive joy within their colorful swirls. This adorable snack, with its creative design, is like a Christmas elf, bringing loads of surprises to children. Not only a delicious treat but also an essential unique gift at Christmas parties. The joyful Christmas season starts with this marshmallow pop.

Here's the Full menu of 2023 Christmas Feast👇