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2022 Ommi's Mooncake is Comin Back| 2022 Ommi's月餅強勢回歸!

2022 Ommi's Mooncake is Comin Back| 2022 Ommi's月餅強勢回歸!

中秋,往往是家人與朋友聚在一起的日子,所以Ommi’s 想跟我們愛的朋友們一起慶祝這一年一次美好的傳統。無論你們是否慶祝中秋,但吃好吃的東西、品嚐新的東西,總是可以讓人精神振奮!







芋泥鹹蛋黃流沙 X 2

九鬼黑芝麻流沙 X 2

台式炭烤地瓜麻糬 X 2

虎斑鮮奶黑糖麻糬 X 2



金沙滷肉綠豆椪(金月娘) X 3

台灣鳳凰酥 X 3

烏豆沙鹹蛋黃麻糬 X 3












Q:我想買單顆月餅,為什麼顯示Coming soon?

A: 目前為“月餅禮盒”預購,單顆月餅販售會在之後開始,會再另外通知,請密切注意我們的社群!











The Mid-Autumn Festival is a cultural and religious holiday that is celebrated on the fall harvest. What was once a kind of offering to the moon has now evolved into the most popular food on during the holiday.

Mooncakes are endless fillings these days, but the most commonly known are ones made of lotus paste and salted duck egg yolk.

This year, Ommi’s tried on many ingredients to make our new mooncakes, and we are get some good results now, wants to share with you!

This year, we are import traditional ingredients from Taiwan, Japan and using Australia product to make Ommi’s mooncake. As we want to all our friends eat health and safety.


Now, we are releasing 2 series for Pre Order

Click here:



Machi and Lava Series

Taro and Salty Yolk Lava X 2

KuKi Black Sesame Lava X 2

Taiwanese Charcoal Baked Yam and Mochi X 2

Tiger Marble Milk and Brown Sugar Mochi X 2

Random Selection X 1, cannot be specified

Classic Taiwan Series

Golden Mung Bean and Pork X 3

Taiwanese Pineapple with Salty Yolk X 3

Red Bean Paste with Salty Yolk and Mochi X 3


**Pre-order mooncake box is an early bird offer, so you may not be able to mix and match any of the flavours by yourself.


Q & A

Q:I want to buy a single mooncake, why does it say Coming soon?
A: The mooncakes are currently available for pre-order, single mooncakes will be available for sale at a later date.

Q: How do I store the mooncakes?
A: Our mooncakes are kept at room temperature and each mooncake comes with a de-oxygenation pack! Each mooncake comes with a de-oxygenated packet and can be stored for one month unopened.

Q: I really want a mix of flavours!
A: There are two ways to do this. Firstly, you can pre-order two boxes of different flavours together with your friends, as our boxes are not sealed, so you can exchange them when you receive them. The second option is that you can combine the mooncakes and the empty boxes when they are available for sale and you can add them to your order.

Q: When will the pre-order mooncakes be sent out? Self-pickup? Send?
A: Our mooncakes will be sent out in late August/early September. If you can't choose your preferred time on the website, please choose any time. We will inform you when the mooncakes are ready as soon as you place your order or make a note.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that mooncake gift boxes are a separate order and cannot be delivered with other items.