Rice boudin noir | 手作醬燒豬血糕

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Sticky rice, pig blood, peanut, chive, soy sauce, oyster sauce, chili, ginger, garlic

In the pack:

200g rice boudin noir + 20g peanut dukkah


ALLERGEN ADVICE:  Contain peanut, sesame, soy and shell fish product

*This item is cooked pack.

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Rice Boudin Noir is just a fancy “French” translation of what we know in Taiwan translated literally as Pig's Blood Cake.  Originated from Fujian cooking to Taiwan and then developed into a snack and now a staple/mainstay of Taiwanese Night Markets and Tapas, this anti food waste product is created when sticky rice gets drenched in pig's blood, steamed, bathed in a pork soy broth (which is subtly sweet), rolled around in peanut flour, and topped with cilantro.

Conceptually once considered to be something for the adventurous palette, The resulting of rice and blood is as unique in texture as it is in flavour. The sticky rice becomes semi-gelatinous when mixed with pig's blood, and becomes essentially a hybrid between rice cake and mochi, firm yet chewy texture. Served alongside our coriander and peanut and chilli flakes adds quite a flavourful punch unlike other blood sausage.

As for the flavour, the soy broth lends a deep rich pork flavour to an otherwise plain carrier of sauce. In Australia, where a lot of animal blood is tipped out at the Abattoir and even at the butcher as it remains largely unused and considering 65% of a mature hog is made of blood simply wasted as it doesn’t match with the demand in Taiwan where demand for Rice Boudin Noir Cake is well established.

This presents an avenue to create a product which makes use of this food waste and a source of protein which is tasty, easy to digest and absorb and rich in Vitamin C, protein, calcium and other minerals.


Ommi's 使用從屠宰場新鮮運送的豬血, 使得通常在澳洲一定被丟棄的豬血, 廢物利用變成美味的豬血糕, 進而節省食物浪費的環保概念!

 如果血腸代表法國傳統美食, 那豬血糕象徵台灣在地美食也不為過。

Ommis 將法式血腸製作原理運用在台灣傳統豬血糕上. 豬血與糯米糊化後, 變成結實而耐嚼, 再沐浴於豬骨高湯中增添風味, 拌進鹹甜香辣的醬汁, 平衡了濃厚的豬肉風味, 蘸上特製花生糖粉, 熟悉的味道像似置身於台灣夜市街道上。