Cheesy Chicken with Golden Kimchi | 起士黃金泡菜雞肉餃子

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** All dumplings not suit for interstate delivery (out of Sydney)**

**餃子類不適合跨洲宅配 ( 雪梨以外 )**



Chicken, mozzarella cheese, Ommi's golden kimchi, shallot, flour 

In the pack:

 10pc handmade dumplings (approx 35-40g/pc)


ALLERGEN ADVICE: Contain sesame and soy product

*This item is coming raw and frozen pack.

Check our cooking instructions


Looking for nice and big dumpling?  Every single Ommi's dumpling is made by chef's hand with heavy and juicy stuffing.  Be careful!  Hot and juicy dumpling might burn you. We all using our famous Ommi's Kimchi with selected meat to make the best stuffing.  Ommi's Golden kimchi and chicken perfectly mix.  Constantly hand beat out the mix by chef's hand and get the stuffing nice and firm and juicy.

選用Ommis黃金泡菜與精選雞肉和莫札瑞拉起士調配成的肉餡, 厚實多汁, 吃得出黃金泡菜和濃郁起士的完美搭配與清爽雞肉餡, 每一顆都出自於廚師手工擀皮包製, 外皮有嚼勁, 體積大又飽滿, 適合蒸, 煮, 煎, 每一口都是濃郁鮮嫩, 絕對是小孩的最愛。

Customer Reviews

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Layla Lee
Feeling the amount is less

Taste is good but feel the amount is less than before

steve chiang
This one is not my type

Still not get used to have cheese inside dumplings