Drunken Chicken and Sesame Sauce with QQ noodle | 紹興醉雞麻醬麵

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Chicken thigh, rice wine, goji berry, salt, pepper, sesame paste, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, chili oil, sugar, cucumber, handmade noodle

In the pack:

5 slice drunken chicken + 100g sesame dressing + 160g handmade noodle


ALLERGEN ADVICE: contain sesame, peanut, soy and alcohol product


We use whole deboned chicken maryland and roll it to make our drunken chicken. It’s been soaked in Shaoxing wine with Chinese herb and spices, sous vide cook for 2 hours and keep our drunken chicken tender and juicy. Having the chicken, soba noodle and sesame sauce nice and clod. This cool and refreshing dish could be just what you’re looking for in the summer.

我們使用整隻去骨雞腿肉捲起將其浸入紹興酒中,並浸以中草藥和香料,再低溫加熱烹煮2個小時,使我們醉酒的雞肉保持鮮嫩多汁。 將雞肉,蕎麥麵和芝麻醬拌勻。 這個涼爽而清新的菜可能正是您夏天想要的。